Monday, May 2, 2011

A Weekend of "Firsts"

Another weekend spent by the pool, eating fruit salad (yes, I know; we are a predictable lot) EXCEPT that this time, as we were pointing at our facial features (our usual game), our little Angelina took her finger, pointed at her eye, and said "EYE!"

Huh? We were dumb founded! My husband and I just froze, and I am sure our mouths must have been hanging open (at least mine was). I would have thought it was just a lucky babble, except she did it again during bath time. Of course, she hasn't said it since, despite all of my coaxing.

Another first that occurred this weekend was that Angelina learned toilet paper is on a roll, and if one pulls it ever-so-gently, a full roll can actually go quite far throughout the rest of the house (note to self: keep all bathroom doors CLOSED!).

For better or worse, she never ceases to surprise us! :)

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