Monday, December 13, 2010

We Aren't in Kansas Anymore . . . .

After 16 long hours of air travel, we finally made it! It is cold and beautiful here in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It has been snowing lightly ever since we arrived, which has only added to the beauty and charm of the city and the sense of magic and awe that we feel. We have been running on adrenaline for most of the journey and so far, our journey as been perfect! Today, we met with the Committee, and officially received our referral. We then traveled to the Baby Home and met The Sweetest Child in the World! In the matter of a couple of short hours, we lost our hearts to an innocent, sweet baby girl whose heart is filled with love and joy. She is perfect.

We will be spending time with her each day for the rest of our stay here, and we are so looking forward to that. We were surprised at how she is very nearly walking on her own, and expect she will be able to do so without any help soon. She is a smart cookie, and utterly delightful. We are in Heaven!

The city of St. Petersburg is beautiful and intriguing. Today, we visited St. Isaac's Cathedral (photos posted here). Russia is truly a beautiful country!

Until tomorrow,
Kathryn & Eric

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  1. Have an amazing time!!!!!! Your trip will fly by....we are missing our baby boy there so much already and it's hard to believe we just left him a few days ago!!

    I hope your experience with the baby home will be as wonderful as ours was....we were pleasantly surprised and so grateful for their love of the children. It really helped with the goodbye.