Friday, December 17, 2010


We signed the papers to officially adopt our sweet little girl! Today is our last full day here, and though we miss her already, we know she is receiving very good care at her baby home and that comforts us. We also know we will be back soon to bring her home forever, and that sustains us. We have had a great experience in St. Petersburg. We have enjoyed the people, the culture, and most of all, our little girl. Posted are photos of the inside of Church of the Spilled Blood.


  1. Yeah!! Sounds like you had a wonderful visit!!!

  2. Shelly:

    Yes, our visit went better than we could have ever imagined . . . . sounds like yours was wonderful, also! I enjoyed reading your blog while in St. Pete. It was comforting to know another family was going through a similar experience at the same time.