Monday, January 17, 2011


This week our family and friends threw us two baby showers! It was so much fun to celebrate our daughter's upcoming arrival with such special people! Both showers were AWESOME! We felt like we were in a dream!
We now sit in our daughter's room and can't believe all of the clothes, toys, necessities and other goodies she has waiting for her. We are overwhelmed and so grateful.

A special "thank you" to Judy, (Grandma) Mom, (Aunt) Mary, (Aunt) Lori, and (cousin) Emily for all of the effort and love they poured into organizing our showers and making each one so magical and memorable! How blessed we are to have such friends and family waiting to love our daughter along with us! Thank you!


  1. Kathryn, I love that outfit at the top! Is it a rain coat and boot? So cute! Isn't it awesome to have such a wonderful support system with family and friends! Can't wait to hear about you returning for your court date soon!

  2. Love those boots. That is how I knew what size shoe to buy for Ava Grace. I outlined her foot on a piece of paper.