Saturday, March 5, 2011

From Latvia with Love

Greeting from Riga, Latvia!

Because we cannot visit with Angelina during weekend, we decided to hop the overnight train and head to Riga, Latvia - where Eric's grandfather was born - for the weekend. The train was quite an experience. The coach was very old, we guessed at least 50 years old, and very simple (see pictures and videos), but extremely clean. Once we got used to our new surroundings, and made friends with the one English-speaking Russian on board -Larisa- it became much more comfortable. At around 3:30 a.m., we were awoken by customs officials demanding our passport, and about 45 minutes later, by the Latvian officials also wanting to see our passports. Although it was a fun, different experience, we are glad to trade in our bunks for a real bed at our hotel in beautiful Riga. The hotel is lovely; with a Scandinavian feel. We are relaxing right now in our room and are planning a night out on the town tonight. Larisa (our train bunk-mate) frequently travels to Latvia with her husband, so she is very familiar with the best places to eat, shop and visit in town and was kind enough to share this information with us. Thank you, Larisa!

We know we will enjoy ourselves this weekend and it will help the time pass until we can see our precious Angelina again.

That's all!

Eric & Kathryn


  1. Thanks for leaving me a comment:)

    Sofia was 6½ years old when we adopted her. She was in Children's Home #4, but we heard in the Fall that it was going to be closed this past January, even though it was one of the nicer homes.

    Now, we you scared of falling out of those bunks on the train?

  2. What an adventure!! Glad you were able to get away for the weekend. Please post pictures of Riga. I'd heard there are several orphanages in Riga that send kids for summer programs to the US.

  3. Just now getting a chance to check-up on your journey, and what awesome news. Congratulations on your successful court appearance and the official adoption of baby Angelina! Now the real fun begins - Parenthood! Our sincerest best wishes, Don & Nancy